The challenge facing many SME logistics companies is how to expand. Organic growth often requires high investment with slow returns. The alternative approach is through mergers or acquisitions but this is also seen by many as a risky and potentially costly option. But the fact is that mergers and acquisitions if done strategically and diligently can be low risk, and can also attract funding from institutional investment companies whose long term interest is to facilitate growth. The challenges are actually in finding the right acquisitions, understanding re-structuring options to minimise risk and cost, and finding the most suitable investment partners when additional funding is required. This is not out of reach for SMEs, and CCC’s strategic consulting and advice has enabled many logistics SMEs to achieve substantial growth.

CCC has access to a large number of Freight Forwarding and Logistics companies in Asia, through personal contact, through requests for assistance, and through partnering with Asian Freight Forwarding and Logistics associations. Many of these companies recognise that business expansion and security can only come from being part of a larger organisation that can control all stages of the logistics chain. This is particularly so in Asia where the business is increasingly controlled by the non-Asian end of the chain. With a comprehensive database of companies information CCC is able to identify suitable acquisition targets and use its industry experience to qualify their strategic fit against business requirements. CCC’s local understanding of the regulatory regimes and business practices in Asian countries enables it to more appropriately perform due diligence on acquisition targets, and can advise on any pitfalls that may adversely affect the success of an intended acquisition.

CCC assesses your company’s M&A potential, identifies suitable companies seeking M&A opportunities, recommends acquisition methods and ownership structures, and guides you through a successful merger.