Equity Funding

A common obstacle to growth in medium sized logistics companies is insufficient capital. Most logistics companies are non-asset based and this makes it difficult to borrow money from conventional sources such as banks. Venture Capital sources are available but often on terms that are unattractive to the logistics industry. The institutional private equity funds are now looking at logistics companies for long-term investments and these funds can make very good partners, providing an injection of capital for acquisitions or other growth related investments. They also have the advantage that they leave management of the company to the Management.

CCC evaluates your company’s potential for equity investment, identifies private equity funds that match your needs and manages the investment process for you.

Public Listing

Public listing is a popular method of raising capital, increasing management incentives, and providing future exit options for owners. The process of public listing itself may seem straightforward but the implications on a company’s financial position and statutory obligations are immense. Considerable value can be generated by public listing but the correct conditions must be in place, both within the company and amongst the investor community. Inadequate implementation of management processes and reporting can cause public listing to be denied or suspended, and lack of attention to investor marketing can result in low share prices that are difficult to recover from.

CCC manages the whole process of public listing, from initially advising on the pro & cons and the suitability of the company for public listing, the organisational changes and the reporting procedures that need to be put in place, the filing and registration process, and the marketing to investors.