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Corporate Capital Consultants (CCC) is a leading independent consulting group drawing from a broad array of experts in all segments of the shipping and logistics industry. The group provides assistance to shipping and logistics companies and to individuals in the areas of executive education, investment funding, mergers & acquisitions and project management. It has been established by a team of maritime executives with rich experience both in academia and in business.


In assessing strategic and research projects, our experts will support and guide the executives and researchers in applying the theoretical skills and tools our clients are developing – focusing on the demands which individuals at management level face on a day-to-day basis.

Our experts who represent all segments of shipping and shipping-related industries have connections in many parts of the world and bring to the table real life experience combined with academic know-how.


Two Day Short Course

Course Description:
This 2 day training session will provide both maritime business managers as well as maritime IT anagers a solid foundation upon which to initiate a clos-er review of their cyber defenses. Most crucially, the course makes it clear how cyber security has to be embedded not only in the IT epartment, but throughout the business proces-ses and daily behavior of all employees. The first day is spent understanding how cyber attackers operate, as this under-standing is key to any defensive trategy. The second day focuses on defensive strategies, and on the need to balance security against ease-of-doing-business and the associated contingency plans which must be in place. Additionally, the course will show actual examples to illustrate different types of cyber attacks. The examples will be designed in such a way that deep IT technical know-ledge is not required.

Program Topics:

Day 1

Day 2

Key Benefits


Lars Jensen is CEO and Partner of SeaIntel Consulting, which is focused on providing expert ssistance in process improvement as well as strategic decision making and analysis in the container shipping sector. SeaIntel Con-sulting was founded in 2013. Additionally, Lars Jensen is the co-founder of SeaIntel Maritime Analysis which was founded in 2011 and focused on providing impartial as well as actionable market intelligence for the container shipping industry. The information is often used by all
market participants from carriers and shippers to ports and financial institutions.

Lars Jensen is also the CEO and founder of CyberKeel, focusing on cyber security in the maritime industry. Ad-ditionally, Lars Jensen has founded the publishing house Vespucci Maritime Publishing and is the author of the book “Culture Shock in Maersk Line” outlining the changes in the world’s largest container line over the past 15 years. Lars Jensen is the co-founder of LinerGame, which provi-des hands-on simulation games for the container ship-ping industry based on table-top games made with LEGO bricks.

Lars Jensen has 13 years of experience from inside the con-tainer shipping industry. This covers a combined period of 8 years as Director of driving and developing market in-telligence & analysis for aersk Line, Maersk Logistics an The Containership Company. Additionally Lars Jensen has for 2 years been CEO of the purely online container carrier Youship, as well as in charge of developing and implemen-ting eCommerce strategy in Maersk Line.

Prior to entering the container shipping industry, Lars Jensen completed a Ph.D. on complex mathematical analysis in physics, as well as worked with technological innovation and modelling in the Oil&Gas industry. Subsequently Lars Jensen has obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Ad-ministration from Copenhagen Business School and have attended Leadership training at London Business School.